17.3 Acres of Ideal Terrain for Self-Sufficient Living

This is an ideal terrain for Self-Sufficient Living. The entire property is fenced and is situated at just 15 minutes from the beach, in a valley between hills that give it a microclimate. There are two large automatic gates giving access to the property that is easily accessible from the public road. It has its own registered well.

The land is fully planted and contains a thousand trees including a beautiful olive tree of 800 years old, pine trees, ficus and around 800 fruit trees divided into several orchards: orange, apple, pear, olive, plum, fig, lemon, mandarin, peach … Over the entire 17.3 acres is an automated irrigation system in place that is divided into sectors. Each sector is also equipped with fire extinguisher connections. Besides the beautiful orchards, there is also an area for the cultivation of vegetables.

The water from the well is collected and diverted to a storage tank that is in communication with a series of purification tanks so that the metal and the lime is filtered out of the water in a natural way. This water is used in the built sector. It consists of an open design kitchen/bar with wood oven and barbecue, a separate and closed fully equipped kitchen, a garage, a bathroom with shower and a storage room. There is a separate structure built as a dog retreat.

Dogs are not the only wildlife on this terrain that has really everything in place to lead a self-sufficient life. There are also partridges, chickens, geese and rabbits.

The electricity is supplied by generators on site. If you really are interested to live a self-sufficient life, it would be ideal to install solar panels here with generators or for those who dread the noise of a generator, with a storage room full of batteries. After all, you are in the part of Spain that has the highest number of sunny days per year (about 310 on average).

There is a planning permission for an “agricultural shed” of 400m2 with additional space for a pool. The building of which is at a preliminary stage: the area for the construction has been paved and around it palm trees were already planted.

This is truly a magnificent property for sustainable living.

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